I am a personal coach specialised in prevention and recovery of birth trauma.

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My name is Anderske

My name is Anderske and I am a Dutch mother of two residing in Istanbul since 2008. As a trained soprano, I gave solo concerts over the past years and worked as a teacher, conductor and school director. During lockdown in 2020, something started stirring in me.

What was my life evolving around? My two kids and my family! I started to think about my birth experiences a lot. I had two medical pregnancies in Turkey, but two natural and positive births in the Netherlands in 2011 and 2013. What always kept me sane was a firm belief in myself and that I was capable to give birth. This self-confidence was also influenced by my mother’s and maternal grandmother’s easy birth experiences.

Women’s experiences during pregnancy and birth can be stressful and sometimes even traumatic. All the stories my friends told me about their birth experiences fascinated me. I recorded a podcast in Turkish about natural birth and the ball started rolling. Driven by a passion to connect to women, I founded my company Anne Koçu. I provide services and products to promote maternal wellbeing and I am a personal coach, specialised in the prevention and recovery of birth traumas. Welcome to my website, happy to be here for you.

Anderske Kaspersma Güngen


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“To change the world, we must first change the way the babies are being born”

(Michel Odent)


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