With self-help tips to maintain mental health.

My name is Anderske and I am a Dutch mother of two, residing in Istanbul. Coming from a career in music, driven by a passion to connect to women and fascinated by birth, I decided to found a company, Anne Koçu (mom coach).

I work with (pregnant) women as a personal coach, specialised in prevention and recovery of birth traumas.

Being pregnant in Turkey, I had two medical pregnancies here in 2011 and 2013, but 2 natural and positive births in the Netherlands. What always kept me sane was a firm belief in myself and that I was capable to give birth. This self-confidence was also influenced by my mother’s and maternal grandmother’s easy birth experiences.

Women’s experiences during pregnancy and birth can be stressful and sometimes even traumatic.

I would like to share the most common stressful events and how you can maintain your mental health, in preparation for a healthy delivery and postpartum.

First, getting enough rest, exercising, eating healthy meals and reducing stress will all help you maintain your mental wellbeing during pregnancy.

Connect to your baby. There is a little life growing inside of you!

Visit www.thepositivebirthcompany.co.uk and www.birthbecomesyou.com for positive birth stories and listen to episodes #107 and #100 from the Down to Birth podcast. Positive input in!

Get ready for your first check-up at the gynaecologist. Find a doctor that makes you feel safe and heard. A health care provider that does not listen to you will cause you stress, as you cannot express your feelings. Losing your autonomy is a risk to birth trauma. Listen to your gut feeling.

Prenatal testing is stressful and sometimes scary. Share your thoughts, have your doctor explain procedures and risks. You have the right to inform yourself.

Tell everyone around you your ideal birth story, as often as possible; what you want, what your limits are, what you need. Stress levels will lower and it will make you stronger.

Not preparing yourself mentally and just letting birth happen to you is a risk for a traumatic birth experience. Lying down on the delivery bed leads to most interventions and complications. Your freedom of movement is restricted and this disturbs the natural (physiological) processes that take place during birth. You have many options! Discuss them in advance!

Positions that promote natural processes during birth (source: Royal College of Midwives)

To promote a positive birth experience, make sure to have someone present during birth, which supports you and your wishes. Another essential is feeling safe and free to move around.

Make informed choices, during pregnancy, but also during birth. Use your BRAIN; think about Benefits, the Risks, the Alternatives, follow your Intuition and consider doing Nothing (just wait and see).

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I am here for you and always happy to connect!