What makes my pregnancy preparation coaching unique?

In my pregnancy course, “I can do it!” (Four e-Modules in one to one sessions), I help you mentally prepare for birth. When you feel emotionally empowered, you can express your needs and you will know how and where you would like to give birth. You will know who you would like to be there to support you and how you feel safe.

In my course, you will learn to not abide by the needs of health workers, but to serve your own needs. You will be prepared to react in stressful situations.

Preparing for birth with me, is about feeling confident, informed about alternatives and your rights and having an open mind set, so that you can take decisions with your BRAIN. However it may come, however you will give birth (May it be a natural birth, a C-section or a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section)), what matters the most is how you FEEL about your birth experience.

Therefore, my trajectory continues after birth; within a month after birth, we will discuss your birth experience. How was your contact with health workers, did you experience stress, did you feel you had autonomy, did things go the way you wanted them to go?

This fifth session is based on the internationally acclaimed Birth Satisfaction Scale Revised. (“The BSS-R was developed by Hollins Martin and Martin in 2014. The BSS-R is a 10-item valid, reliable, quick and easy self-complete measure of women’s birth satisfaction post-delivery”. See: www.bss-r.co.uk) Discussing birth satisfaction within 30 days after the birth of your baby helps prevent further effects from a possible birth trauma (for example, a PTSS, or a postnatal depression).

And that’s why coaches, consultants and therapists who are trained @zobevalik (“this is how I give birth”) Centre for Birth and Trauma in the Netherlands by #degeboortespecialist Brun Kuipers and #psy.moon_birth_traumatherapist/ Simone Scherpenzeel, are trained to prevent a birth trauma and also to notice symptoms of a possible birth trauma directly after birth. At this stage, it can still prevent further effects of a birth trauma. This promotes a healthy and positive start into motherhood and long-term health for you and your baby.