Mom Box First Aid



  • Peribottle
  • Niaouli oil from Art de Huile
  • Silver Nursing cups


 A peri bottle is like a portable bidet, and it has many benefits for new mums experiencing postpartum pain and perineal tearing. After giving birth, new moms will often experience perineal pain as well as soreness, bleeding and discharge.

Using traditional toilet paper straight after delivery is often not a pleasant experience, which is why peri bottles are incredibly useful when going to the toilet.

Instead of using paper to wipe, squirt warm water from the peri bottle to clean the vulva and perineum and then gently pat dry with toilet paper. Avoid wiping where possible.

Peri bottles are especially useful in the first week postpartum, as you will be feeling even more tender down there, so be sure to pack one in your hospital bag!

Niaouli oil from Art de Huile

Use after birth:
New mothers can experience postpartum pain and perineal tearing. After giving birth, new mothers will often experience soreness, bleeding, and discharge, as well as perineal pain. Add warm water to your peri bottle and you’re good to go. Niaouli oil aids the healing process, reduces swelling and provides much-needed relief in the perineal area. You can use it in a peri bottle by adding 1-2 drops to 500 ml of water.

Silver nursing cups are protective silver nipple cups made of 925 sterling silver. They are designed to soothe and protect nipples during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Silver is a naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial antifungal metal and contains anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to soothe and prevent cuts, cracks, soreness, wounds and infections.