Niaouli oil from Art de Huile (10ml)


Niaouli oil from Art de Huile
Use after birth:

New mothers can experience postpartum pain and perineal tearing. After giving birth, new mothers will often experience soreness, bleeding, and discharge, as well as perineal pain. Add warm water to your peri bottle and you’re good to go. Niaouli oil aids the healing process, reduces swelling and provides much-needed relief in the perineal area. You can use it in a peri bottle by adding 2-5 drops to 500 ml of water.

Daily use:

Niaouli oil is an incredibly important oil in preventing vaginal infection and regulating the vaginal flora. It fights complaints such as vaginal itching, discharge, bad odor. While washing underwear, a few drops of niaouli oil can be dripped into the softener compartment of the washing machine. The oil can also be dripped directly onto the underwear. Add 1-2 drops. Since it is an essential oil, wait 3 minutes after dripping and then wear it.

Can also be used in a vajinal rinse (for example on the road) with a peri bottle by adding 2-3 drops to 500 ml of water.