Mom Box Aromatherapy


Celebrate pregnancy and birth with this wonderful gift box with excellent products for moms to be.
All products are organic and certified and from renown aromatherapist Hülya Kayhan’s atelier, Art de Huile. All safe to use during pregnancy and birth.

-Art of Love (cedarwood, ylangylang, cedarwood) 5 ml
-Clary Sage 5 ml
-Nose Mix (cypress, niauoli,eucaliptus and mint) 10 ml
-Moisturizer 30 ml

Art of Love has a beautiful smell. To be used in a diffuser (3-10 drops). You could simply smelling the bottle frequently or directly apply a few drops on the skin (e.g. mixed with neutral massage oil). It has a relaxing and calming effect, and gives a feeling of joy and love. The love hormone oxytocin has a similar effect.
Safe to use during labour, as it has a positive effect on your mood. Regulates adrenaline flow, relaxes the nervous system.

You can use it together with a few drops of clary sage to stimulate breastfeeding.

No more stuffy/blocked nose during pregnancy! Nose sprays are addictive and unhealthy. Use Nosemix instead! Apply a few drops to your collar or directly under the nose. Safe during breastfeeding.

Combine the moisturizer with a drop of Art of Love on your hand and use it as a rich bellycream to prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy.

Clary sage is a warming and relaxing oil that relieves stress, tension in your nerves and feelings of panic.