Silver Nursing Cups


Silver nursing cups are protective silver nipple cups made of 925 sterling silver. They are designed to soothe and protect nipples during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Silver is a naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial antifungal metal and contains anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to soothe and prevent cuts, cracks, soreness, wounds and infections.

They are produced with ISO 9001-2015 document approval. Suitable for breastfeeding mothers. Silver nursing cups have no lifespan and their effectiveness does not decrease over time.

 -100% handmade.

-Does not contain nickel.

-Easy and comfortable to use

-One size.

-Only 925 carat real silver was used in its production.

-Acts as a physical shield for friction

-It has no effect on the taste and smell of breast milk.

-Use of nipple cream is no longer required, so your baby will not be exposed to chemicals.

-Can be used from the last week of pregnancy



Recommendations for use:


Pregnant women:

Wear them in your bra. Start wearing them 1-2 weeks before birth at regular intervals for an average of 1-2 hours a day. Gradually extend until birth.


Breastfeeding mothers:

Wear them in your bra at all times other than breastfeeding.

Since the cups are made of 925 sterling silver, you do not need to wash them frequently. If you are disturbed by the milk residue on the lids, simply rinse them with water and dry them. They should not be cleaned with any chemicals such as alcohol, lotion and bleach. To prevent your cups from darkening, you can clean them by rubbing them with baking soda once a month. It is important to rinse and dry thoroughly after cleaning.